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H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival
At the Warner Grand Theatre, San Pedro
At Abracadaver Productions, Fullerton CA
Halloween City,
La Mirada CA
March 5th  SPOOKSHOW
Happy New Year! 2016 whoo
My resolution this year is to finally do something with all those skulls in my trunk... O..o
Also, hey! New work will be coming soon :D
October 30 COMIKAZE
Was HUUUUGE this year! This is the piece I worked on while at the booth: "Kitty Caught A Spider." I used Foam-It 3 on canvas to make that intense amount of gore...lots of fun :) 
September 25 HORRORCON
There was so much space to stretch out! And lots of time to doodle. I also met my youngest fan ever... She picked that print out herself, and I almost died from the cute.
Days of the Dead
Marriott Hotel,
Burbank CA
Huge Success! Thank you to everyone who made it out and supported the booth. The convention itself was filled with a passionate group of Horror industry professionals and genre lovers who made the experience electric. I'll definitely be back next year!! 


Loving my Booth Location
Caught a fan with "Viral!"
Hanging out with Justin Meyer of Ten Thirty One Productions and my favorite anti-hero Sam